Friulair Dryers (Refrigerator)

Refrigerants Dryer

Most important of parameters in pressured air, would be quality of it. Operation of dryers is decrease of moisture. You can find below majority of destructive effects of moisture:

  • Residuum on the pipes of air pressured
  • Corrosion on pipes and pneumatic equipments
  • High cost for repairing pneumatic equipments
  • Error in metering of instrument
  • Other charges due to moisture in pressured air system

You can find volume of water in the pneumatic system in below example: Screw compressor with specification as 6000lit/min (FDA), 37 kw and 8bar working pressure, could be produce about 6.5 lit of water vapor under the ambient temperature on 25 0 C and moisture in 70% ,besides after pressuring by compressor this vapors converted to little drops ,so they would flow in the requested system.

Fresh Air company as principal for friul air 's production and after sale service for their production ,also can be offer the flexibility to accommodate request for customized compressor .