Hydrogen Generator / Hydrogen Production


Hydrogen Recovery and Purification Unit (HRU)

PSA Method

Hydrogen can be recovered by the pressure swing system from very different feed gases e.g.:

- Synthesis Gas from Steam Reforming, partial Oxidation or Gasification processes

- Hydrogen-Rich Refinery Off-Gases

- Ethylene Off-Gases

- Methanol and Ammonia purge gases

- Cake Oven Gases

Due to the flexibility of the control system the Hydrogen Purification Packages can be adapted to a certain change in Feed Gas composition or temperature.

Havayar participate with Global H2 PSA Packagers use the most advanced adsorbents on the market with patented cycles that are optimized for recovery and productivity rates.

The units are made for outdoor and unmanned operation, and are designed to be both compact and fully skid-mounted.

Havayar Industrial Group is a leading supplier for plant engineering and construction in partnership with most well-known International Companies. Our services are built on our extensive partnership expertise in the planning project development and construction of turnkey industrial plants.

We focus on plants for the Purification of Hydrogen compatible with variable Feed Gas (such as Olefins, Heavy Hydrocarbons and …)

Also, HAVAYAR have the possibility to giving advice for Designing & Revamping the new Packages/ Existing Packages.


Package Features:



Up to 200,000 Nm3/hr


Up to 99.999%


Minimum 5 barg up to 300 barg

No Limitation in feed Gas & Production Pressure

No Limitation in feed Gas & Production Composition

Easy Maintenance

Hydrogen Recovery up to 90%

Full Automation & Remote Control

Completely Pre- Fabricated Skids

Possibility to Revamp Existing Packages Recovery purity & Capacity of Hydrogen